The Three Treasures Are Your Essence Of Health & Longevity...

And Jing Herbs Help You Nurture & Nourish Them!


Essence, “the giver of life,” is the first Treasure. It is the energy we receive at conception that is meant to last us our lifetime. It is the foundation energy of our existence. It is the root energy of the body that is responsible for procreation, physical energy, sexual energy, creativity, longevity, and youthfulness.


Energy (also spelled Chi), “the breath of life,” is the second Treasure. While Essence is our deep reserves, Energy (Qi) is is our day to day vitality. It is the vitality we derive from the air we breathe and foods we eat. As such, our Lungs and digestive organs (Spleen and Stomach) play a critical role in building this Treasure.


Spirit, “the light of life,” is the third Treasure. It is our higher self and our connection to the Divine. Spirit (Shen) is housed in the Heart and when nourished and balanced provides us with feelings of peace, calm, and serenity. It gives us proper perspective on our lives and our place in the universe.